Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aren gets wet

I was watching Tarzan on TV. It comes on Letix (we pronounce it as Jetix, but it's called Letix, I think). My brother came running up, and I found him wet. He was fully wet. His hair also.

I asked him, "Aren, how did you get wet."

He said, "My cardboard was out in the rain, so I went to pick it up. Because it was so big, I couldn't carry it and I also get wet."

I called my daddy, and he came and said, "Aren, what were you doing?" (sternly) "Go and change."

He changed his clothes, and put on dry clothes. But the cardboard-box is still wet.

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Hey, Riza!
This is Evandro from Brazil. I like your blog very much. My wife and I visited you last January... Do you... remember us?