Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My new friend

My new friend's name is Rashila Lobo. She came to know me because she saw my blog, and wrote a comment. I went to VIII B and I saw her. I was nervous, but when I came to know her, I didn't feel nervous. I wait for her after school. She is very  sweet to me. I like her very much. Her sister's name is Veruna Lobo, and she has a smaller brother called Carlos. Her sister was with me in play-school. Her sister is in Shiksha Niketan, and she and her brother are in Lourdes Convent.

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Anonymous said...

hi riza,how r u??ill have to show my sis this blog of yr's .....she'll b quite happy....her name is spelt varuna thought.....just thought u might want to know.
lol rashila