Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aren's sticker book

Aren has different stickers in his sticker-book. I'll name all the stickers. There's a whale, a shark, a sea-walrus, a seal, a dolphin, a hammer-head shark, a hump-back whale, and others of the fish ones. There's also a princess, there's Mickey with Minnie, there's a small cutie (a small sticker of some cute teddy bears in Australia, I call those cuties), and there is a Jesus cross and a bird, and there are others.

In my sticker book, it's very full, because I started mine a long time ago. He started his some days ago. His sticker book is green with a pussycat on top, a Hello Kitty cat, you can see it on the computer. On mine is the dog. Mine is from England. My aunty brought it for me, her name is Aunty Cissy.

Aren's book is from Goa, it's from the supermarket, and Mama brought it for him. We like our stickerbooks very much. I take my stickerbook whereever I go, including to church and to school. My brother doesn't take his sticker book everywhere -- he's not so stuck with it.

I exchange stickers, including with my class-friend Gitam, with Abi, Gabi and Heidi. They are my friends.

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