Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The mystery of the red numbers

My friend in school, Cheryl, told me about red numbers. That they can phone you up on your mobile, and then you get a shock, and you can die.

They say that many people have died like that, but it's not true.

I tried to call on the number, but the recorded message told me, "Please check the number you have dialled. This number is not available."

My Daddy read the newspaper for me. They say that it's not true what the people are telling.

rIn my class many children were telling me that. One boy called Alister was saying that some people gave him a call, but he didn't pick it up, because it's that number. But I don't believe him.

There's one girl called Vrkushanda told me that those people phoned a doctor, and he died some days ago. Another girl, Sneha, said it is really true. They can call on the mobile, but not on the phone.

I believe that they are talking all rubbish.

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