Friday, June 15, 2007

My brother's going to Lourdes Convent

My brother is in KGI(A). Teacher Virginia is his class teacher. They learn songs and they do other things.

My and my friend Saachi (she has two sisters that are in KGII B) we all go to see them. Her sisters are Shimron and Shimmy. When we go to see Shimron and Shimmy, they get disturbed because they're always doing their studies. So their teacher tells us to go away.

When we go to see Aren, the door is always closed, the windows are closed sometimes. Today the window was open, and yesterday the window was closed.

There's one girl called Theresa, and her sister is in KGI (B). Her sister's name is Eunicia.

So, Theresa went to see her, and called her, "Eunicia, Eunicia." And one other small girl was looking at Theresa. Theresa told the small girl to call Eunicia. Eunicia didn't know who was there, and she saw her afterwards. Theresa was screaming, "E-u-n-i-c-i-a, E-u-n-i-c-i-a." And when she saw her, she became more sad, and she burst out into tears. Because she misses her parents and Theresa. When she sees Theresa, she thinks of her parents and home.

In my class, when I was in the KG, no children used to cry. They used to all be good. Only Jorge used to cry, because he was new. He had come from America, and it was the first time being in the school. He had not joined from nursery, but joined from KG II.

I'm the leader for the primary section. I have to stop children from running in the corridor, and I have to make them go quietely, without running, to go home. Our school is brown-and-yellow in colour. It has three floors.  It has a ground floor, with all the big children's (secondary) classes. The first floor is the chapel (and where all the sisters live). The second floor is the primary section. At the side is the KG. Where the primary section is, at the right, is the teachers' library. There's also a children's library.

We also have a computer hall, and a basketball court, and a park.

We have a little pond (a little lake-like thing) where there's a wall, where you can go. But we cannot go, because it's surrounded by water, and there are fishes. There is one lotus, and it's purple colour.

Aren says that he likes his class-teacher very much. His class teacher has three daughters, named Leander, Lorraine and Lillian.

Her husband, Uncle Henry, died recently. When I was a small girl, I was going with my daddy on the cycle, and we saw him. And I was eating leaves. My daddy had not seen that I was eating the leaves; he didn't know. When my daddy came to know, he grabbed them and threw them out. But by that time I brought up, and Uncle Henry saw what was happening. He was very surprised and said, "You're giving your daughter leaves to eat."

I was eating the leaves because I was feeling hungry, and I didn't know to tell. Sometimes I would just eat whatever I found, sometimes I would just cry for chocolates, otherwise I would bite my waterbottle. At this time I was two-and-a-half and my daddy used to take me for cycle rides. We had a bike, but in the evening or morning or afternoon we would go by cycle. Air is not so costly, but petrol is very costly.

Cycling is good because it's exercise, to lose weight.

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hi riza
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