Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am back to school

I like to go back to school. I am in the fourth standard, and my new class is fun. My teacher's name is teacher Savia.

Yesterday was my first day. It was Monday. There was no rain on Monday. I have many friends. My partner's name is Anagha. Now I got a new partner. It's a boy; his name is ... I forgot.

Partner means a girl or a boy who sits besides you, and helps you. But normally we have our own games; the girls have their own games, and the boys have their own games.

In my third standards, the girls used to play many types of games. But the boys used to play lock-and-key, or catching cook. Now we didn't start playing as yet.

My class is joined to the other class. Our door leads to the same door. The other class is Fourth Standard Zuyo, and mine is Fourth Standard Zayo. Zayo means little flower, and zuyo also means little flower. They are two names of classes, like how you have 'A' and 'B' . It's like that till the fourth. In the fifth (standard), they have A and B. In the first-to-fourth it's Konkani (medium), so they have Konkani names.

Aren also goes to school, to Lourdes Convent. He is in KGI(B). No, KGI(A). In Teacher Virginia's class.

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