Sunday, July 16, 2006

At a cycle ride... an accident

Last Friday, my father said, let's go for a cycle ride. So we went.

Suddenly, near Gladston's house, a little further, my leg went into the cycle wheel, and I started howling. Gabriella and Indra came running to help us. Uncle Eric was going with his wife and his little son Ashwin, and they told us to remove the shoe.

Gabriella and Indira quickly brought some ice for us. They brought it from somebody's house. Aren was crying also, because he saw me howling. My dada was helping me.

The accident was caused because I put my leg in the wheel. Next time, I will not do that and learn to be much more careful. I was afraid of my leg and how I was going to act in the concert on the next day. But everything was fine, except that my leg is still wounded and a bit swollen. My parents put Betadine ointment for my swollen leg. I limp everytime when I like, like this. Tu-tuuk-tuk. Tu-tuuk-tuk. I think I'll have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

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