Monday, July 10, 2006

Superman... and me

Yesterday, on Sunday I went for SUPERMAN RETURNS. My friend Isabel and me had gone for the show. Superman's name was Clark, and there was one girl named Floris, no Luis (Lois Lane). Superman was born in a country called ... wait... just phone up Mama to ask her.

He was living in a country, it starts with "G", I don't know... (Krypton).

I saw one man. He simply put a wig to show that he was a nice man; but when we went out of the room, he threw out the wig on a small girl, and she screemed, 'Eh!'. That man went, and superman's father was dead. He went to that cave where Superman's father was in a white stone, and his father was talking to the white stone. His father saw the bad man, so Superman's real father opened that thing, and this Bad Man took out all the crystals. Superman's powers were crystals. But Superman still had little powers let. They were still very powerful powers. These were underground.

That man took those green jewels-like and he took them, and Superman didn't have any powers. Superman flew back. ALl his powers were gone. They destroyed Superman and kicked him. He had to be taken to the hospital. When Lois went to see him, they saw him lying there. Lois' son kissed superman, then they sat in the car and went home. When Lois' son was sleeping, Superman saw him. Then the son said bye. Lois saw superman, and they all went inside the house.

The film was quite enjoying and all....

In my next blog I'll tell you about my new tuition teacher. Her name is Ruth; she teaches well, and I like her very much. Now I'm going off, because i have to go upstairs and my new tuition teacher is coming to teach me. I also learn music, and that's the piano instrument.


WeirdiSgooD said...

Hi have a really nice blog...keep blogging :),,,and do write more about aaron too...

vm said...

I loved this movie review!

Please do more reviews!