Monday, November 15, 2010

My school tour

Every year my school conducts an educational tour. We go to different places.

This is the second tour I'm going for with my school, since the fifth standard.

Last year, the tour was cancelled because of swine flu.

When I was in Standard V, we went to Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. Bangalore is a big city, where you can get lost. Chennai is a really big city according to me, and it's really dusty and there is a lot of garbage around.

Pondicherry is a really, really lovely place -- with so many things to see. For instance, Auroville (it has a huge golden dome structure, and at one time 3000 people can fit). Pondicherry has many beaches, like Goa, so I felt so nice.

Mahabalipuram has a lot of temples and statues and stuff.

As I said, when I was in the sixth standard, the tour was cancelled because of swine flu. This year I'm in the seventh standard (grade), and we have just arrived five days back from our tour.

This year we went to Agra, Delhi, Nainital and Corbette National Park.

I really, really, really liked Nainital. It was beautiful. The weather there was nice; it was really cold. We had a campfire and a party on the terrace of our hotel.

On the tour, we basically did sight-seeing, experiencing new things, and SHOPPING. Last year we learnt not to have a big attitude, and this year we learnt responsibility. We learn it from the bigger children, by their mistakes.

One girl lost five thousand rupees....

We also learn how to make new friends. A lot of new friends. And that was the best part of all....

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Anon said...

It will be good to make new friends.

- aangirfan