Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meeting my friends after 21 days

On November 22 [2010], my school reopened and I was really happy to see my friends. Everyone kept asking everyone else how their holidays had been, and how they all had been keeping.

We got to see some of our exam papers. On November 23, which was yesterday, we got a new Maths teacher. Her name is Vanessa D'Souza, and she's really sweet and kind. She explains everything so well -- each and every word actually.

On November 22, they told us that we are going to have a school picnic on November 27. We are to go to Bondla, a wildlife sanctuary about 70 kms from here. I already know that our picnic was to be at a wildlife sanctuary, because on our tour, a teacher asked Alphina to ask her father for some ideas of a good picnic spot, and he works in the Goa Forest Department.


Anon said...

Good teachers are inspiring.

- Aangirfan

saket said...

hey kid.your blog is awesome..keep it up

india-portal said...

nice's awesome.