Friday, October 01, 2010


Roller-blading is a good sport. For it, you need a big ground so that you can skate. Roller-blading is basically just like skating. Except on skates there are two wheels on one side, and two more on the other.

But in roller-blades, they are all in one line, at the centre.

When I started skating, I thought i was really easy. But it turned out to be really hard. But when I started roller-blading, it seemed like it was very hard, but it was like so easy.

Mostly people say that when you skate it's more easier than roller-blading, but I think they're all wrong.

Maybe it looks scary because all the wheels are in a straight line in the middle -- and your grip depends on it. But I think it's really easy.

Near my house, my school is just one house away, so my school has a really huge ground. It has a volleyball court, a nice terrace and a stage, and a basketball court. So I roller-blade on the stage or sometimes on the volleyball court when it's free. And sometimes I rollerblade in my house; we have a longish room and the floor is really smooth, so it's fun rollerblading there. Me and my brother rollerblade too.

My roller-blades are black-and-white and my brother's are light-blue-and-dark-blue.

There are at least two persons who always agree with me, that roller-blading is much more easier than skating. They are: Abigail (one of my best friend) and Aren my brother.

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