Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broken guitar string

Hey everybody, I started playing (learning) the guitar six months ago. This is my seventh month at it.

I have a teacher from Taught-to-Teach (a music school that has different branches -- Mapusa, Porvorim and Bicholim -- and the man who runs it teaches all the teaches, and they teach the students by visiting their homes, or you can go for classes over there).

It's a lot of fun learning the guitar, but you also have to practise a lot, which is very annoying. When you just start,your hands pain a lot, but then, you have to think about one day when you can play the guitar so well... and then you won't even care why your hands used to pain.

Now my hands don't pain as much as they used to pain....

I learn the box guitar -- it's also known as the acoustic guitar. I learnt many chords and notes (D, C, E, A, B, and F). My guitar classes are on every Wednesday, and I have enough to practise the whole week.

So, when I was practising one day, my brother came and untuned my guitar. And I tried tuning it back, but I didn't get the exact tunes, so I left it. And on Wednesday, my guitar teacher tried to fix it, but one of my guitar string had been tightened too much, so it just snapped.

And now I'm trying to fix it....

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