Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going for a tiatr

On September 15, my mom, her friend and me went for a tiatr. A tiatr is a funny play which has a story and a moral. Tiatrs are basically shown on a family, and people working very hard, and people wasting money. Tiatrs are a lot of fun to watch, and when there are tiatrs the hall is full.

are always in Konkani.

The story of the tiatr I went for was on a family which had two sons, and they had got married, and their father had saved a lot of money (it had come up to 30 lakh of rupees). The father wanted to give the money to the sons, but the mother wanted to give it to the daughters-in-law. The mother was generous, and finally the daughters-in-law started acting all mean, they got an airconditioner in their room, the bill was going high, and they would not pay for their bill. The lights were cut off by the Electricity Department. So they had to go to hotels. They were willing to pay for the hotels but not for the electricity bill which cost Rs 2000. The daughters-in-law also kept watching television the whole day.

And there was this guy called Shantu, and he was in love with this girl. And he told her he could read palms, and offered to read palms. And he said, there's someone who loves you and he's one of your neighbours, he's single and has a very old father. And she thought there was another guy, so Shantu was very sad.... This tiatr will be shown again at the Kala Academy; I don't know when.

[We mostly go to the Kala Academy to watch tiatrs. Kala Academy is a place run by the government, and they promote music over there, and Goan culture. The music is based on cultural music, Western and Indian music. When we come close to Christmas, they also have Carols conducted, and traditional dances like Bharatnatyam, etc. They also conduct the mando festival over there, and some films from the IFFI film festival are also shown there.]

The tiatr is a lot of fun, specially when the acting part is going on, because then they have all jokes and stuff. But when they're singing, it's really boring. I'm looking forward to going to a tiatr again. My mom will take me, because she is making a short film and that's it.

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Anon said...

Interesting story. Many thanks.

- Aangirfan