Thursday, September 30, 2010

Volleyball match... it's tomorrow

Tomorrow (Oct 1, 2010, Friday) is my volleyball match, and I'm really excited because it's my first match and I just started playing volleyball about two months.

In our schools, we have different categories and levels for volleyball teams. We have Boys Under 17, Girls Under 17, Boys Under 14, and Girls Under 14.

I come under the Girls Under 14. In my team, there's Amber, Liesha, Joanne, Kimberly, Melissia, Perpetua, Zephora, Sandra, Whitney. That's it.

I think Amber and Liesha really play well. Amber's a good lifter, and she smashes and fingers well. I think Liesha is really good in taking under-hand, and in serving.

Tomorrow we are going to play at the Peddem Ground, it's in Mapusa.

Our match starts at 9 am, but we need to leave at eight.

Now let me tell you about the other teams and what they've done.

The Under-17 Boys got the first place. I know some of the players -- Leander, Avito, Kevin, Evynce, etcetera.

The Under-17 Girls also won the second plays (at the taluka level). And they are Kezia, Ankita, Zena, etcetera. The Under-14 Boys only won in the first round, but they didn't succeed. But that's okay because everone knows they tried their best.

But tomorrow's our match. And no matters what happens, I think we need to be a team, and work together, and that we all do our best ... specially when we have to serve. The most hardest part is rotating, because then we have to take the lifter's part sometimes (and it's really hard, because you have to come really close to the net).

If we lose, I don't really, really care, because at least we got into the match, and we were chosen out of so many people. We should just try our best as a team, and have a sporting spirit... by being good sports. (My father say that if we lose, we will manage to come home early, and so we won't have any trouble for lunch!)

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