Thursday, June 22, 2006

Goa's beautiful sceneries

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Goa is a very beautiful place. I think it's so beautiful because in most of Goa, in front of people's houses there are fields and sceneries. In Bombay, when I see the people's houses, all buildings are blocking their way. They cannot even see a school or a field.

In Bombay, the beaches are very far. You cannot go and sit nicely and have a good time. It's very far from your home. There are not that many people. In Goa there are so many nice children on the beach that you can make friends with.

In Goa, I like the parks, the beaches and the swimming pools the best. If I had one wish, I wish that Goa would have snow. Because I love to take snowballs and throw on my friends. But I also like Goa how it is.

If I had a second wish, I would wish that there were more fields and more swimming pools. We have many beaches in Goa, but not many swimming pools. In Bombay, there are many swimming pools. But Goa's still better, because it's beautiful and clean.

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