Sunday, February 25, 2007

Receiving communion together

Four of my friends received communion together with me. Our party was at the club (Saligao Institute). We had a joint party.

[Abigail, Riza and Gabby, February 11, 2007. Photo FN]

I was excited when I was going to received Communion. Because I could take Communion every day and know the taste of it.

In the Church, we had to say different parts. There were some children who had to sing one song. It's called 'What Can I Give Him'. Few children who sang it were Merryl, Alvina, Alister, Earl ...

We had to prepare for the Communion for ten days, when we had to go to the Church. They taught us all about sacraments, and how to receive them.

After a few days, they gave us some readings to say. On the last day, we knew it well. We said it nicely on the last day finally.

Fr Calisto, Teacher Felicia, Teacher Marina and Teacher Massia helped us. Teachers Felicia and Massia were in our class, and Teacher Marina was in the Konkani class.

The parish priest said the Mass and and there were two fathers with him, that's Fr Fermin and another father who came to our school one day. Fr Fermin told a story during the Mass, about God and gifts. I liked the Mass. There were many people in the church. They had asked us bring a hundred rupees, and they gave us the candles. So all of us had same candles.

The ones who were holding the pictures up, were given the candles afterwards.

After that, we had gone to the party. There was one man who was playing all games. He had come to organise the games. He was playing action-games. And only one running game -- bombing the city.

There must have been 200 or 300 guests in all (for all four children). Dalton, who was receiving Communion with us, his brother's birthday was on Feb 16, so they put his birthday on the Communion day. It was also the 75th birthday of some grandparents, so we gave them gifts and had a little party for them together. We had ordered some food from some caterers. It was nice. I ate pulao, noodles and chana-masala. There also was fried-rice, custard, jelly, pork, chicken curry xacuti and something else.

[At the Mae de Deus Church, Saligao]

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