Sunday, February 25, 2007

Going to Betalbatim

On February 18, 2007 was our church picnic.

We were all excited. We were going to Betalbatim. Betalbatim is near Canacona (?). We reached Betalbatim by bus. We were close to Margao. It took a long time to reach there. We reached there by lunch-time.

In the picnic there were many children: Alister, Earl, Vinella, Abigail, Gabby (not Heidi), me, Merryl, Victoria, and others.

At the picnic, after lunch, we had to sit, and by evening time we went and they took us to play, and we were playing dog-and-the-bone and passing-the-ball on the beach.

We had to bring our own food from home. They brought some watermelons. I took pulao. For snacks, I took chips and sandwidth. For evening took some more chips, but as I was hungry in the afternoon, I ate it up. They also gave us juice.

While going to Betalbatim, in the bus I was sitting near Abi, Gabby and Victoria. While coming back, I was sitting next to a girl, and Gabby and Abi were standing. There was place when we were going, because the Communion class went first. But when we were coming back there was less space.

We had a lot of fun there. We collected a lot of shells. I had a snail one, and many others. I don't know more.

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