Sunday, February 25, 2007

We went to the Fontainhas festival

The Fontainhas festival is where art things are displayed. There also was one picture of Jesus that somebody had drawn. And there were pictures, and I thought it was a photo because it was so neat.

I saw one man using other things to play music. Once he took a pot and he was playing. Then he took a glass and was playing it (as a drum).

We met some friends of ours. The mother was related to Ashley's wife. Ashley is my daddy's work-friend. We had met him on the same day (when I bought stickers and showed him).

I saw some people dancing, and when I looked at the children most were buying red kurkures.Almost everyone. I though tlhat was funny. I think there must have been only red kurkures for sale. Kurkures are some things like chips, more like Chitos, and they're long and crunchy. Children like them very much; I don't like kurkures. I like Chitos and chips.

I saw some girls dancing. One gang was dancing with sticks, and the other was dancing with pots. The gangs dancing with sticks, one lady was singing and the rest were dancing. The gang dancing with pots, they only were singing.

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Marjorie said...

Hi Riza,its been quite a while since you haven't blogged. If you're busy with exams, well, all the best! How's Goa ... You eaten any mangoes yet ?