Sunday, February 04, 2007

My sticker collection

People give me stickers often, and then I trade some stickers, and put the rest in my book. I'll show you my book also, with all the stickers. There are these kinds of stickers: Christmas, Tweety, Barbie, Poo-Bear, one bubble and one shell.

One pack costs ten rupees. One pack my grandmee gave me from America. Four packets my god-father brought. Otherwise, my father buys all the time... and my mother sometimes.

Stickers cost ten rupees for one pack. I buy my stickers from Mapusa market. Specially from the book shops. There's one man who sits on the ground, and he keeps all his stickers. Mostly I buy from him. But he closes in the evening... must be at 7.30 [pm].

In school, when I mind the class, I give them stickers. But I don't give them often.

I also trade with my friends calledl Abigail, Gabby and Heide.

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