Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do mermaids really exist?

Isabel's drawing of a mermaid.

I just keep wondering all the time if mermaids and fairies, and elves and pixies really exist.

I wish I had a friend like a mermaid or a fairy. A fairy that would grant me how many wishes I wanted. And a mermaid who would always keep me company and play with me; and I would share all my feelings and thoughts with her.

She would also take me under-water, and we would play in her house.

And I wish she would also get her own legs, when she comes out of the water and comes to my house. When nobody was looking, I could go under the water, and we could both sit on rocks and comb her hair.

Me and my best friend Isabelle wish that we had a fairly friend.

If there were two of them (fairies) and we could name them whatever we wanted to. They would give us wishes. They would be tiny, dainty, and pretty-looking and very kind to us.

When I go to Isabel's house, we talk about fairies and mermaids. And we wish we could go underwater and really meet them one fine day if they really do exist.

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