Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wilson's art class

I love art. I find it a lot of fun. I like trying out new things in art, such as special designs and new techniques.

Wilson's art class is in Bal Bhavan. Bal Bhavan is this place in Campal, Panjim where there are all these activities for kids. There are many activities like drawing, cricket, musical instruments, clay modelling, and many others.

My brother and me are going to join art class. My brother's going to join the juniors' art class in Bal Bhavan, one of the senior art classes for bigger children.

My brother Aren is really interested in art. If you want to see his drawings and stuff, you can go to his blog. It's

Bal Bhavan has an art class called an advanced art course for students aged 9 to 16 years. We're going to learn about fundamentals of art, study of lines, pencil, 2D and 3D design, creativity, basics of design, water colour painting, sketching and drawing, portraiture, human figure drawing and study, calligraphy handwriting, oil painting, still-life, nature, object drawing, creative drawing, fabric painting, history of art, print making, 3D scupture, and related activities.

Students' fees are between Rs 200 to 300 per month, depending on whether you go for class once, twice or thrice a week.

I'm really looking forward to going to this art class. I hope you come for it also.

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