Sunday, July 12, 2009

No to TV

My father doesn't let me watch TV because he thinks it's bad for me. I like watching TV. He never lets me watch TV especially when there's my programme.

Rapt attention by fredericknoronha.

In some way it's good, but I feel he should let me watch TV.

When I watch TV, I feel happy and I like watching TV because I think it's fun.

Sometimes it's bad for me, because I get distracted, and I don't concentrate on my studies and stuff. But in some way, it's also good. Like, when I watch National Geographic and Disney Channel. In National Geographic, I watch the way animals live in the wild. And on Disney Channel, I watch Hannah Montana and Zac and Cody. There's nothing educational about it, but it's just fun.

I watch for one hour a day, because I'm allowed to. On Sundays I watch two hours. My brother watches TV for at least two hours because he's very addicted to it, and my father always blames me for Aren watching TV.

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