Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mater Dei is a hundred years old

Mater Dei Institution, Saligao by fredericknoronha.

Mater Dei is a school in Saligao, Bardez, Goa. It's an English medium school, and today they are celebrating its 100th year (anniversary).

The school is a very old school. There are two principals who run it, and their names are Cleta Lobo and Edna Lobo. The school was set up by their father.

The school is quite a nice school, and they have really cool text books. Because they learn all fun activities. In their textbooks, they learn really fast.

Today, they're celebrating the centenary and they have a small Mass in the Mae De Deus Church at Saligao.

My brother likes his school very much. He's going to blog about it; he doesn't like to talk so much, and tell everybody as much as I do. But he has made a lot of friends in his school, including Raj (his best friend), Duniya, Maria and some others from Standard I.

His class teacher is very nice, he says. Her name is Abinia. Aren has a lot of fun in his school, and he likes it.

When I go to pick him up, he's smiles a lot. The smaller classes always come out last. There's this girl, who just comes up to my father and asks him, "Do you know me Uncle?" and starts talking to me and my father about millipedes and centipedes. One day, she heard my brother talking about millipedes, and that's how she started talking about it.


felicia said...

do u srsly like MDI ???
lik 4 real????


om-ward-bound said...

Riza, I came accross your blog while searching for something on the netfor my 10yr old daughter. It is awesome that you have been writing a blog - I will show it to Tia and you will be her inspiration. I'm glad your daddy doesn't let you watch too uch TV - thats the reason why you are a net-savvy, young english writer from India. Proud of you. Keep it up!
God Bless.

riza said...

come on bro goes there.and its a k school.

riza said...

hey megha,thanks so much 4 your inspiring words.and u should tell ur daughter to make a blog of her own.she will look at it one day,and be so proud of it,like i am now,i started my blog when i was 7 and now I will be 12 on oct.bye i will keep in touch.