Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Football Academy of Saligao

Kids football Saligao by fredericknoronha.

My grandfather (second from left) has trained some boys and girls to play football. We have matches and games. Football is a lot of fun. Specially when many children are there.

The members of the Football Academy of Saligao are: Elvis, Vishesh, Avaristo (who plays for Goa), Francisco, Abraham, Muskan, Seby, Anushka, Alister, Kevin, me, Aren and many others.

There are 20 of us in the football academy, but in the holidays nobody comes because they go for holidays (out of Goa). In the rain, we also don't play because we have to give the field back to the farmers to plant their crops.

We only play football during school days, in the evenings at 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. I like playing football because it's a lot of fun. Sometimes I get to be the captain, and sometimes I don't.

In football, there's a goalie, a forward, etcetra.


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog. Looking forward to more posts.

riza said...

yes I will do so,but as soon as i have a nice topic to talk about.....and thanks for the comment.