Sunday, June 21, 2009

The dhabha at Moradabad

A dhabha is a place where you sit out (in the open air) and eat parathas and stuff. Parathas are a kind of chappatis (Indian bread). You get many types of parathas -- for example, aloo parathas and gobi parathas, made of potato and cauliflower respectively.

On my trip to Delhi and nearby, we also went to Moradabad. It is a place in Uttaranchal. We were there during lunch-time, so we went to this dhabha and ate parathas and stuff.

We had a lot of fun in the dhabha, because we could out in the open air and play. Moradabad was quite nice, it was not too cold or too warm. It was just nice.

We sat on the table. There was a small boy who came to take the orders. He must have been 13 or 14, and his name was Sonu. It was so funny as he would tell us all things which were not available, and we would order them, but they were not available! So then we finally ordered parathas and daal makhani (brownish daal, with fresh butter and it tastes really nice).


Ebica International Exports said...

Moradabad is famous for Brasswares.It is alos known as BRASS CITY.

riza said...

Thanks for the information,I realy did not know about that..