Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Secret Seven

My father had gone to Pune, and when he came back, he bought me some books.

The best book he bought me was about a mystery gang called The Secret Seven. It is written by Enid Blyton.

I like the book a lot.

The story is about six children and a dog. The children's names are Pam, Colin, Peter, Janet, etcetra. And the dog's name is Scamper.

This group, they meet up and discuss about their mysteries in a small shed where Janet and Peter live. But one day they decide that they need a better and a secret place.

So Colin has an idea, and he tells them, "We can have our meetings on a tree-house." They go to the misty woods, and try to find a proper tree, which is big enough for six of the children to fit.

Then, they find a tree, but Scamper cannot climb the tree. So, they give Scamper a small, little kennel down, and they all go up. Then they discuss what they need -- things like rope, wooden planks (for the steps), biscuits, orange-aide and lemon-aide and cushions.

So each one says what they're going to get.

But they suddenly find out that somebody else has been using their tree house....

That's how much I've read of the story.

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