Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ganpati festival is coming

I'll just give you some little news of Ganesh. Ganesh is a god in the Hindu religion, and many people like him. One day his mother Parvati was sitting. She wanted to have a bath, and didn't want anybody to come inside the house. She didn't trust anybody. So, she took all her dirt and made a little boy Ganesh. As Shiva, Ganesh's father returned, he said, "Let me go in." But Ganesh said, "No, my mother told me not to let anybody to come in."

Shiva got angry and cut Ganesh's head off. Parvati put a new elephant's head for Ganesh. That is how, he got the head of an elephant.

I like the Ganesh festival, because it's fun ... and we also get a holiday from school. Many people come to visit us, and we get to go out. We go to some friends house.

For Ganesh people make sweets like 'neuros', 'kalkals'. They put a Ganesh inside their house. They put fruits for him, to give him an offer. Apples, bananas, organges, whatever.

My principal said children will have to bring clay from home and make a Ganesh. They will have to make it in school, and paint it at home.

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