Thursday, August 03, 2006

My book: faiThGirLz! <>

One lady, called Tami Brady, sent us -- sent my father -- some books. So my father looked at all of them, and there was an interesting one about blogging.

My father gave it to me, when I was doing my tuitions in the evening. I've not read it yet. But I'm going to read it when I'm eight years. I'm going to try to read it now. It's for (children aged) 8 to 12, but any other kids can make a blog. Why cannot they?

I am seven-and-a-half. On October 16, I'm going to be eight.

My mother bought me a book, about things to do at home, on your own or with your parents and somebody who can supervise you. I know to read that book.

I manage to read small stories. All that I know. But I'm trying to read like a Harry Potter book now. I'm going to start it. I'm starting from tomorrow. I'm starting from Saturday....

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Ramdas said...

Riza, keep writing, and you'll become a great writer. There is a Konknni saying for that: Boroun, boroun, xennoi zata!