Thursday, August 03, 2006

A visit to Colvale

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My father told me that Colvale is the last village of Bardez before you reach Pernem. We went to a church in the village, which is near the riverside. We saw some crabs, and my brother was screaming because he was very happy, like a little imp.

Colvale is a nice riverside village, where you can play and all. We bought some nice 'chakli' from Colvale and we liked it very much.

We went to a quiet side and saw a boat. There was a long stick. It was a big one but didn't look hard at all. My brother was breaking some pieces of the stick and throwing it in the water. He was having such good fun at Colvale.

We left at 6.30 and reached at 7 o'clock sharp. Then we went to Florentine and got some chicken cafreal. My brother was very happy. But the chicken was very spicy.

Me and my mama ate the chicken, but it was too spicy for my brother. If any of you want to go to Colvale, you'll might a very good time there.

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