Saturday, August 19, 2006

A veggies contest... (vegetables)

In my school, my principal said, "We are having a vegetable contest on Monday (August 21)." So we were happy. But many were not taking part. From our class only three are taking part: Diksha, Alister and Sarfraz.

In other schools they have it of cloth vegetables. In our school, it's a fresh vegetable competition.

You have to wear green clothes insides, and tie vegetables and make a dress, and put greenpeas for a ears, make a cabbage dress, or make a crown of ladyfingers. Or you could take a round pumpkin and make a hat.

I'm not taking part in it, because many children like to eat vegetables. We don't like to stick them on our body. Many mothers don't have the time to do it, and my mother also... and I don't like it.

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