Saturday, August 19, 2006

My trip to Santanna

Santanna Tiswadi (Goa)
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On Sunday, when we were getting dressed to go out. We came out. As usual, I was standing out in the balcony. Suddenly, we saw a car. It stopped by our house. I was wondering who it was.

They all came out.

I ran in and said, "Daddy, Uncle Vijay is come."

Then Vijay said, "Where are you'll going?"

My father said, "We don't plan and we go."

We went for a long drive. Suddenly I said to my father, "Daddy, there look a palace." My father told me it was a church.

Then we went inside the church. A kind lady opened it for us and took us in. My father took many photos. Inside a small tunnel of the church, the ladies found their missing football. They let us then play with the missing football.

I like to visit churches. Specially very old churches, which are fun to visit. You can see old paintings and things. If you visit very young churches you cannot see the old things.

We played football and I scored so many goals on Vijay.

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