Saturday, August 19, 2006

Aren is 3

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My brother's name is Aren. He was three years old yesterday.

In the morning, I was very excited, because it was my brother's birthday, and I felt very happy that all the children are going to come to my house. Then I went to school, and then found out that it was a girl named Neha's birthday too. She gave us sweets and all.

When I came back home, I was happy and wished my brother happy birthday. He only looked at me, and said, "Welcome" by mistake. Afterwards, Granme and Joce sent him a gift, because they couldn't come from Bombay.

The gifts what they sent for him was one car, four story books, a short-pant. That's all.

At the party, we had called many friends. But we called one school friend of my brother's, whose name is Steve. Steve didn't come, so Aren was very sad. When we met to the supermarket, we met Steve's father, and he said that he forgot to send Steve. He forgot about the party.

The children we called were Arjan, Rohan, Abigail, Gabby, Heidi, Sachi, Shimmi, Shimron, Joshua, Keenan, Nora, Isabel and Lian (with her brother Keenan). There are two Keenans. Most of them were my friends. Because they were big children. We didn't call the small children because there were not many small children that we knew. Steve didn't come. But Arjan, Rohan and Keenan and baby Keenan and Nora were Aren's friends.

We had lot of fun at the party. There was a nice girl named Ruth, who lives close by our house. She came to help and decided the games. The party went quite well. When the party got over, I counted all the gifts, and I got not even one. Only Arjan, Rohan and my father had given me one. And it was not my birthday. When my birthday is gonna come, I'm going to have a big party with all my friends and Aren's friends too. We're going to have a great time.

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