Sunday, January 29, 2006

A fan

I am a great fan of the Harry Potter movies. I often trouble my Mama and Dada to take me for the Harry Potter movies. They say, "No. It is too scary." I say, "Okay".
I also often like to read the books. I feel the books and the movies are very interesting. Harry Potter is very famous. All the kids like him.
One day, my cousins told me that they have six books of Harry Potter. They love to read them, and they almost read them every day.
When I went to Bombay, I had carried one Harry Potter with me. My cousin Ritchie used to read it every day. He read the full book. It was very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Riza,

I'm a big Harry POtter fan. I've read all 6 books and seen all 4 movies. Anytime you want to discuss Harry Potter, I'm more than ready. Hope I can meet you in person some day.

-Prachi Amonkar

riza said...

hey,i am a very big fan even i became a fan of hp is a long long story.well now i have watch all 6 moves and i just cant wait to watch the 7 one....