Sunday, May 27, 2007

The rain has come ...

Today morning it rained near my house, and in the whole village. I saw that it rained at 9.30 a.m. At that time, I had just got up, and I dressed and I went to play in the rain -- on the road near my house. With an umbrella. Later, in my garden, I was playing without an umbrella.

It was so cool and nice. It was cool because all the rain had just gone, and cool air came. All the tap water was cold. Otherwise, usually, the tap water is not too cold and not too warm.

In the summer season, it's very hot, because there's a lot of sun. The taps are not cold in summer. In the summer, there is a shortage of water, just before the rain. And then, when the rains come, the water becomes a lot again... because we fill in our buckets and in the well also.

The rainy season gives us a lot of water, and makes the air cool. The beach gets wet, and a lot of big waves come. In the rain, you have to use an umbrella. When there are small showers you have to use an umbrella. When it rains heavily, you have to use a raincoat. And when it rains really, really heavily you have to use a raincoat and an umbrella.

I went in the rain with my brother, and we were playing in the rain outside the house. My father made a small paper-boat for Aren.

There were a few transparent clouds in the sky. It rained till 3.30 p.m. First it started to be light, then it started increasing. It was not a lot, but quite a lot.

I saw some puddles all over on the road, where there were potholes. My brother called it "piggy puddles" because piggies are quite dirty, and he must have thought a pig must have gone in and made all that dirt.

The top photo is about (a place) close to the beach when it's going to rain, and that's why it's very cloudy. It's not this year's photos. It's of 2005 or 2006. The below photo, that's my home and that's the roof of my home and all the trees across the road, and that's the big field. There's all water collected because, when the farmers work, the mud sticks there, and it doesn't give way for the water to go out. The water gets stucks. Even near my road, there's a ditch and the water wants to go down the ditch, but there's some mud which won't let the water go. My grandfather says there's going to be a flood of mud.

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Jason said...

Thank you for sharing Riza. Very well written. Keep it up.

Skitter Faia said...

Hi Riza, very well written, loved the descriptions. keep writing.