Friday, May 04, 2007

I passed in my exams....

We were in Bombay, and I phoned my father up. He told me that I passed in my exams -- in English, in Konkani and in EVS (Environmental Studies). I failed in Maths. I got 11 out of 25 in Maths.

I like Maths and English very much. EVS and Konkani are okay. In EVS I have a little bit of a problem, because there are very hard words, and I don't understand most of it. Konkani is okay. But English and Maths I understand.

In my Maths paper, I did one thing wrong that I know. There were some sums that were given, and I wrote them one on top of the other. That's why I got it wrong.

My Math's teacher's name is Teacher Judith (Judy), my English teacher's name is Teacher Nita.

And in the next year, my teacher might be Teacher Latika or Nita, they teacher the fourth standard.

In the fourth standard, I'm going to study well and on my own. I'll take little bit of help from my daddy if something is difficult. If I have a little problem in EVS. In the third standard, my father used to teach me. Also Ruth used to teach me, till her exams came.

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