Thursday, May 17, 2007

My cousins from Hyderabad

[Photo (from left): Ronu, Riza, Aren (in front), Rachel and Richie at Venessa's wedding, 2006 December in Borivali, Bombay.]

My cousins have come from Hyderabad. Hyderabad is near Secunderabad, in India.

They are 13 of them.

The children's names are Rachel (10), Richie (14), Ronu (about 17), Ronan (4), Reiden (2-and-half). The adults names are Albert, Soiny, Harvard, Shalini, Kevin, and others.

In my aunty's house in Nerul, they have three dogs.  Their names are Cinnamon, Skipper and Bambi.

We went, and we are going to go also, to the beach everyday. We went to swimming pools also.

Sometimes the whole family comes, or sometimes only a few come. They have one car, and if both are there, they can use both. If our car is also there, then we all go in three cars.

I spent some days in their house, three days and two nights. We have lot of fun there.

[In Bombay, Jude Haven building... my neighbour's house. Ronu, Rachel, Riza, Aren (in orange tee-shirt), Richie. December 2006]

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