Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am going back to school

My school re-opens on June 04, 2007. I am happy to go back to school. I got to go and try my uniform. My brother is going to KG I, and I am going to Std IV.

I didn't do very well in Maths. In English, I did well. In EVS also I did well, and in Konkani.

In my results, for the first test, I got "You did well" (Tuven borem kele), second test I also got (Tuven borem kele). In the third test, I got Tuven khub abhyas korunk zai (you have to do a lot of studies). And in the fourth test, I got, "Tuven ganitant abhyas korunk zai" (You have to study better in Maths).

Next year, I'm going to study well in all my subjects. I think my mummy might get a tuition teacher, or I'll study by myself with a little help from my father. My mother, grandfather or grandmother will teach my brother. I have to go to school early; his school starts at 9, so he has to be there at 8.30. I will go first at 7, and then my mother will bring him to school.

Many children go to school in the junior classes (like KG I and KG II), go to school at 9 o'clock. So I too had the same problem. When I had to go to Std I, it was my habit to get up late, at 8.30 am. Now I get up at 7 a.m. In the coming year, I will get up at 6.30 a.m., because I have to go to school in the morning. In the fourth standard, you have to go early, to see what is not completed, and give your books for correction. On the first day, you can come a little late... but on the first day itself, I'll go more early.

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