Friday, May 18, 2007

An architect

One day an architect came to our house. She came to meet my father.

When they finished speaking at 3.30 [pm], I was playing with her. She showed me all her maps. She told me that she studies in a college.

She had a big file, and so many colourful maps.

Architects build houses. They draw pictures. Architects mostly work together; Uncle Dean is her boss, and we all know Uncle Dean, because he is Aunty Patsy's son ... no , brother-in-law... no, son-in-law. He has two daughters, named Gabriella and Olivia. Gabriella is older than Olivia.

If you want to find out more about architects, you can go to the Wikipedia page. My father showed me. When I grow big, I am going to become an artist. If you learn to draw, and if someone teaches you, and if you like drawing, and if you draw most of the time, that's how you can become an artist.

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