Saturday, September 24, 2011

A verbal fight!!

Today was just like every other Saturday. We had all our regular classes but at drama class we had gone outside today..and today for drama class instead of doing story building we had a debate.

I was the captian of one team and Karan was the captian of the other. The topic was morden day education/way of teaching and olden day methods of teaching/education methods.

I was supporting modern education and Karan was supporting the olden style education. Karan is amaizing at expressing his ideas..and I am soo helpless cause I can't express my ideas without writing them down. So today in school there was this big verbal fight. But at the end both the teams ended in a tie.


merlyn the rocker! said...

lol..actually ur a pretty good captain..

merlyn the rocker! said...

hey riza ur better than karan

Riza Noronha said...

merlyn thank u..but i think karen's team was way stronger than mine..