Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The popularity game

Popularity is something that everyone wants at some stage or another. In my school it is also it is worth a great deal.

There are many ways in getting popularity. You have something that no one has or has ever seen, you can be really good at something or know a sport or something ceatitive that no one else knows. But in my school you don't need all that.

In my school to gain popularity you just need to be a new kid, or just have that big smile on your face which says, "Hi..i would love to be your friend." Or just hang around with the most outgoing people in your school.

Once apone a time i also wanted to be popular, and I thought being popular meant everything. But then just a few days back I watched a movie about this girl whose 16th birthday is today... and she got sixteen wishes from a wish fairy. But then she uses her wishes in the wrong words and loses everything she has. That's when I realised that I don't need popularity, I have everything in the world. I have amazing parents, a great family, friends who are always there for me.

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