Thursday, March 02, 2006

At the Carnival

At the Carnival there were many floats. And in those floats there were many people, dressed up differently. I saw just plain girls. Then I saw cartoons from the TV. Then I saw lots more.

There was lots, lots, lots of nice music. But because my dada was taking some photos, I didn't see part of the Carnival. Then I went to Cafe Tato and ate a nice 'chole masala'; I like it because it's a very tasty snack. Isabel was there with Uncle Cajy and my daddy.

It was so much fun at the Carnival.

I also met my friend Isabel with her daddy, and Tarika and Sohail, and George and Victoria and Leticia. They were with George and Victoria's daddy.

The Carnival was from last Saturday till Tuesday. I went for for the Carnival parade near the Panjim Mandovi bridge. There were Carnivals in Panjim, in Mapusa, in Calangute and elsewhere.

On Wednesday morning, I put ash on my head. Because we have Ash Wednesday. Sister told us not to eat sweets, chewing-gum, or drink ice-candy and not to play if you want to do a sacrifice. I will do the sacrifice of not eating Chitos, Kurkure and junk-food.

Photo of my friend George, who is acting like a clown. Viva!

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