Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bob, Open The Bottle Tak-Tak

The other day, Bob came to my house. He is a big-man. My father told me that he is a big shot. He comes from Marblehead, and he gets snow in his house. He took my tuition book and drew a tortoise on it.

He talked about Pineapple Almeida, about Harry Potter's real name, and he told me a little story. The story was about a boy, who was asked by the police for his name. He said his name was 'Shaddup'. The policeman thought he was saying "Shut-Up" to him, and sent him to jail.

Bob is a very funny guy. My brother asked to open the Pepsi Cola bottle. Bob asked whether he could do it. He put his finger in his mouth and made a very funny [bottle-opening] sound.

My brother also said Bob is very funny. He called him Bob The Builder, because there is a cartoon with the song: "Bob the Builder, Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can..." My brother often watches this cartoon, and when Bob came he thought he was Bob The Builder.

When he went back home, he wrote to my dad, saying: "I was delighted to meet Riza and Aren, especially the former, who is a charming kid with all her chatter. Tell her I've met Pineapple Almeida over here and he wants to say that 'Life is not a potato.' And he knows Harry Potter personally. Knew his mother, Jill Hill, way back when."
FOOTNOTE: Bob is Robert S Newman, anthropologist based in Marblehead, MA, who has been researching and authoring papers on Goa over the past two decades. -FN


Filipe Alves Ferreira said...

Oh, very nice, and good pictures.
Thank you for the good moment.

Sanjay said...

This story is very funny but his story is very lucky.

Sanjay said...

He old men is very handsome but his dress is very funny wish he all the best.