Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Something about Shabnam

Shabnam is my tution teacher. She teaches me all subjects. I like my tuition teacher, because she teaches me very nicely, and in the exams I pass well. She also takes Konkani, which is my weakest subject.

She is good to me, and also kind. She comes at 3 o'clock, and goes at 4 o'clock. She talks very nicely and sweetly. Her favourite clothes are a purple sherwani-kurta. She is 21 years old. She has one small brother, and a big brother. The small brother's name is Shadab, and he is in the sixth standard.

She always asks me which lesson I want to do first. I say Maths. Because Maths is lot of fun, and there are shapes in Maths, which you can learn about. There are also sums, which I like best. And tables too. I know my tables of nine (novacho paddo), and of five, four, three, two, one. Also ten, and eleven. I don't know the tables of six, seven and eight too well. Tables of 10 and 11 (from the big tables) and of zero and one (from the same tables) are the easiest.

Drawing I find very easy. But I find craft very difficult. Shabnam teaches me for my craft exam.

I know to read quite small books, and now I'm learning to read big and bigger books. I want to learn to read so that when I grow big I can read big Harry Potter books, and other books. I would also be able to read the newspapers, when there are accidents or something. I would also be able to learn goodnight stories to my brother. My tuition teacher and my mother are helping me to read. Shabname makes me read my school English grammer book, and my mother teaches me different big fat books.

My tuition teacher is very kind to me; I like my tuition teacher very much.

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