Monday, February 13, 2006

A wedding in Bombay

My mother's god-father Uncle Mario recently brought a photo of a wedding which I attended.

I went to Bombay on January 4, 2006. I couldn't wait for the wedding. as I was the flower-girl. Vanessa, my cousin, was getting married to Dexter. (He was not my uncle, but now he became so.)

Many of my cousins came to Bombay (Borivali) and they were staying in Lionel's house, which is just at the side of my grandmother's flat.

On the day of the wedding, I went at 1 o'clock to their house. We dressed up, and the photos were taken by 3 o'clock. The wedding was in the church, at the Mary Immaculate Church, which is close to our home.

My brother Aren came for the Mass.

Tammy and Danika were the other two flower-girls, and Halley and another big girl were the bride's maids. There were two best-men, and a page-boy. Danika was the smallest. She and the page-boy were walking arm-in-arm and everyone said, "So cute." Tammy and myself were behind them.

I have been flower-girl for three weddings so far. First for Dolly, my cousin. Then for Eula, my mother's friend. And Vanessa's. When I was a small girl (three years old) I didn't know how to be a flower-girl; but now I know.

In photo (from left) Aunty Charlotte, Gavin, Aren (reaching for my hair), mama, me, Uncle Dexter, Aunty Vanessa, Uncle Joe, Aunty Sylvie, and Ian (who is becoming a priest). This photo was taken by the photographers.

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