Friday, March 17, 2006

All about animals

There are many nice animals. I feel that God has created so many animals. Animals that we keep in the home are cats, dogs, goats, cows, squirrels, fishes also, and turtles. Wild animals are those which are in the jungle. Like the lion, tiget, deer, antelopes, foxes, vizens.

In Konkani, the names of wild animals are shiv, wagh, haran, kolo, and those of tame animals are suno, mazor, bokddi and gai. I don't know what you call the others. That's why I didn't want to add.

I like kittens and puppies very much. You know why? Because they're so playful and so loving. Only when you irritate them, they scratch you or bite, otherwise they are very loving animals.

I'll tell you the story of my cat and me. The mother-cat's name is Spotty. She came to our house, walking. She came since her mistress died. I took a lot of biscuits and fed her with them; we gave her a nice bowl of milk to drink. She became friendly, and started coming day-by-day to our house. She started liking us very much.

One day, I went to my friend's house to stay for the night. I came back the next morning. My granpa told me, "Surprise." I came running and said, "What happened, Grandpa?" He said, "Your cat has littered kittens."

Three kittens were born. The biggest was Tigger. The middle one was Spotty. The last was Whitey.

My grandpa said that Whitey left the house. The mother also left the house, and so did Tigger. Now we have only one kitten left, and she's my orphan. I take very good care of her.

One day, I took her in the garden, and put her in my alms. She got angry; I was not leaving her, and she scratched me. I cried. Then my brother told me, "Don't worry, Riza. You'll be okay." Then, I was better, and I started to play again.

Dogs are also my favourite pets. Because dogs are very friendly, and they lick you and play with you. My dog's name is Banshi. She likes me very much. She also plays with me often.

When we were small, our pets were not used to us. I will tell you what happened with my brother and Banshi on another day....

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