Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some of my photographs...

When I was small I had very long hair. One day, we went to Calangute to take our photos to join Taekwondo. My nana combed my hair, and I had to stand on a stool because I was small. (See photo.)

When I was even smaller, when I was only two years old, my Mummy and Daddy wanted to take a photo of me. They took me to Mapusa. The photographer put me on a stool. He told me to smile. So I did this (made a funny face). I didn't know to smile...

My daddy takes a lot of photos of me, my friends, other children and other things. My Mummy takes photos when I am dressed up for a fancy dress, and on other occasions.

Daddy's photos are all black and in the computer. Mummy's photos are in the album, and in colour.

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