Sunday, October 23, 2011

An unusual book release


This picture was taken yesterday, at Anita Pinto's book release. The book release was at Kala Academy. For the first time Goa,fifteen fifty six had published a children's book, so a lot of children had come. There was this cut out of Espi mai's face, where the children could stick their face's and click a picture of them self. Then they choose 4 children as the chief guest's of the function by lot's, and one of them was my mom's friends daughter Trisha.

Picture taken by Frederick Noronha.


Basil said...

It was quite a book release. Power to Mrs. Anita Pinto - We Pintos' rock !! Nice having met you on Saturday, after like two years ?! To remind you again, I featured your bro and yourself in my write-up on the Hobby Exhibition held at The Museum of Christian Art, Old Goa.
You have a new blog follower now. :) Go well with your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Riza

Good work, keep it up. Write some more posts. I also want to start a blog after seeing yours.

Mia Marie Lourenco