Saturday, May 23, 2009

My best friend comes to Goa

My best friend's name is Isabel and she stays in Bangalore. For her summer vacations, she comes to Goa. She arrived on April 4, one day before I was supposed to leave for Delhi.

Isabel by fredericknoronha.

I told her I would come back soon to play with her, and that we could all meet up.

When I came back from Delhi, we met up together quite often and had a lot of fun. We got to the pool together, and she comes over and I also go there (to her house at Porvorim). She's a very nice girl, and never is bad to me.

I think she's nice because she thinks wisely, is very polite, and her nature is very nice. She's also a very smart girl, and reads a lot. She loves reading; her hobbies are reading and swimming.

My whole gang -- includes Abigail, Gabbi, Heidi and me (besides Isabel) -- everybody likes Isabel because she's very polite and smart. Although she doesn't live in our village, we all meet up quite often.

We're planning to start a girl's band, but we have to think a bit more about it. Because of the meeting-up thing, we could end up with one person less.

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