Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lassie comes home

On December 6, 2008, my school held a 100-metres run for all age groups at the Saligao Seminary (on the hill, where they have a big playground). I too went for the race. My mother took me for it.

When the race was over, I saw this lady carrying four cute little puppies in her hand, with the Seminary boys also holding the pups. I said the pups were so cute. She asked me, "Would you like one?"

I had been waiting for a pup for a long time, so I asked my mother if I could have one. My mother said I could; so I told her yes.

She asked me if I would want a girl pup or boy pup. I told her I wanted a girl, since I'm more found of girl pups. I'm a girl, so I like a girl pup and all that.

Then I brought Lassie home and gave her a nice cosy basked from London. The basket was too big, and she didn't like it. So we put her into a small shoe box where she could fit.

When she grew bigger, she used to sleep in the basket and she used to like it very much. But now she likes sleeping in her little rug.

She's a very friendly dog. She jumps on everybody and starts licking them, and she's made friends with most of the dogs in the street -- Blackie (her best friend), and Kelly, and Smokie, and Dino. But she doesn't like Digby because he bit her.

She met with two accidents so far, that's because she just runs across the road without looking. But now she's trained, and when a motorbike comes, she goes to the side of the road.

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