Saturday, May 23, 2009

Agra fort... for sure!

dscn1887 by fredericknoronha.

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Arun menon said...

Yes that is the red fort :) or also known as the Agra fort.

The fort had originally four gates, two of which were later walled up. Delhi Gate in the west is fortified by massive octagonal towers and faces the bazar and leads to the lama Masjid in the city. Its architectural plan was imperviously devised to put the defenders in an advantageous position. Delhi gate is now closed for visitors. The Amar Singh Gate lies to the South and is defended by a square bastion flanked by round towers. It had a crooked entrance with dangerous trap points and a steep rise. Its Naubat Kbana Court with pillared pavilions is an impressive structure. Visitors are allowed entry through this gate only.